About Tom

Bio, Testimonials and Filmography

DSC_0655Tom Schlesinger was the story consultant on the HBO documentaries “Prom Night in Mississippi” with Morgan Freeman and “A Small Act.” He co-executive produced “The Last White Knight,” with Harry Belafonte, and was Creative Producer on “Shirley: Visions of Reality,” which premiered at the Berlinale.

Tom was story consultant on the Academy Award-winning “Nowhere in Africa,” the Oscar-nominated “Beyond Silence” and the award-winning documentaries “The Rugby Player” and “Blood Relative.”

He just finished writing the screenplay “Chappie and Me” with Morgan Freeman attached and co-created the TV series, The Valley, which has been optioned by Akzente Film in Munich.

Tom has taught storytelling seminars at Pixar Animation Studios, Lucasfilm, the Bayerische Rundfunk, the ard.zdf medienakademie, Constantin Film, the American Film Institute, the Writers Guild of America, and the Directors Guild of America.

He facilitates Human Potential seminars including: Art as Transformation at UCLA; Myths, Dreams and Movies at the Esalen Institute, the Saybrook Institute and The California Institute of Transpersonal Psychology: and Creative Flow: the Inner Reaches of Outer Space, at the Academy of Art in Munich and the Working Group in Toronto.

Tom lives with his wife in Santa Monica, California.


  • 2015
    • Chappie and Me, Feature Film, Sunrise Films, Writer
    • Made in Japan*, Documentary, Josh Bishop (writer-dir), Story Consultant
    • The Guy with the Gun*, Documentary, Alison Armstrong (prod-dir), Story Consultant
    • Hotel Everest, Documentary, Claudia Sobral (prod-dir), Story Consultant
    • Sands of Silence, Documentary, Chelo Alvarez-Stehle (prod-dir) Story Consultant
  •  2014
    • Icarus Rising*, Short Film, c0-writer
    • The Rugby Player*, Documentary, Scott Gracheff (prod-dir), Story Consultant
  •  2013
    • Shirley: Visions of Reality*, Feature Film, KGP Productions, Creative Producer
    • The Last White Knight*, Documentary, Sunrise Films, Co-Executive Producer
  • 2012
    • Blood Relative*, Documentary, Nimisha Mukerji (prod-dir), Story Consultant
    • Moderation Town *, Web Series, Stitch Media, Story Consultant
  • 2011
    • Red Dune, Feature Film, AyoungCom Productions, Writer
    • Reincarnate, Blinding Light Productions, Script Consultant
    • Sorry, Feature Film, UFA Film, Writer
  • 2010
    • The Stranger *, TV series, Thelsem Productions, Co-creator
    • Ayla *, Feature Film, TV60, Script Consultant
    • A Small Act *, Documentary, Harambee Media, Story Consultant
  • 2009
    • Prom Night in Mississippi *, Documentary, Sunrise Films, Story Consultant
    • Bonded Parallels *, Feature Film, Parallels Film, Co-writer
    • Mestiza, Feature Film, Born of Woman Films, Co-writer
  • 2008
    • Heart of Fire *, Feature Film, TV60, Script Consultant
  • 2005
    • The Fisherman and His Wife *, Feature Film, Constantin Film, Script Consultant
  • 2001
    • Viktor Vogel *, Feature Film, Columbia Pictures, Co-writer
    • Nowhere in Africa *, Feature Film, Constantin Film, Script Consultant
  • 1998
    • Meschugge *, Feature Film, X-Filme, Script Consultant
  • 1996
    • Beyond Silence *, Feature Film, Claussen&Woebke, Script Consultant
    • The Lady or the Tiger *, Documentary, Writer-Producer-Director
    • Nobody Loves Me *, Feature Film, Cobra Film, Script Consultant